Placenta Previa

Two little words I had hoped to not hear throughout this pregnancy have come back to haunt me.

After having partial placenta previa with my last pregnancy resulting in a placental abruption, significant blood loss, and emergency C-section I am well aware of the dangers and pitfalls that can present with this major pregnancy complication. So when at my 12 week scan they confirmed the placenta was in a good position, posterior and  not low lying I was buoyed with hope.

But unfortunately the anatomy scan completed at 22 weeks indicates complete placenta previa.  To be honest I had kind of been getting inkling for the last few weeks.  If my little one is being over active, and he does seem to be that kind of boy 🙂 , I have been feeling a slight pulling or pushing sensation on my cervix.  It is an odd sensation and one I have not experienced before even with the partial placenta previa in my last pregnancy.  Also when I use the bathroom there is a definite cervical pressure just from sitting on the toilet let alone passing number twos!

Placenta Previa


And so my lovely walks down the farm now have to wait until after the birth, instead, I have been ordered to complete shorter walks on the flat with no hills.  My yoga too must be moderated to ensure there is no twisting of the waist or pelvis and no squats.  Anything that could move the placenta away from its position of rest and cause a bleed is what I must avoid at all costs and the bigger and heavier the baby becomes the more I need to be aware of the danger of this happening spontaneously.

The biggest pains are no vacuuming, lifting washing baskets, or even tucking sheets in under mattresses!  When my kids leave for school at 6:30am and return after 4, or later if afterschool activities are involved, and then have to knuckle down to a few hours of homework or study I kind of feel a bit mean asking them to vacuum the house or put out the washing out at 9pm.  At the weekends they do all chores necessary for a spik and span household but during the week I have never insisted on anything other than dishes and picking their clothes up off the floor.  My husband does the best that he can, but we all understand his level of doing chores is quite a bit different from our own. Oh to have married a perfectionist who loves things to be as neat and tidy as you do! My husband does all of the outside stuff and the kids and I do the inside stuff and this is the way we all like it, because when he does try to help you just end up doing it yourself anyway, for example, when he hangs out the washing he doesn’t shake the clothes so that they dry evenly with less wrinkles, instead he grabs an item and hangs it up with one peg so then as it dries it no longer resembles its original form and instead looks like a lovely crinkled up rag, and he is quite capable of cooking something delicious but how pasta sauce ends up all over the walls is quite a mystery.  I have schooled all of my children, regardless of sex, in the art of household chores, something my eldest sons girlfriend is very grateful for.  Jared vacuums their house everyday, separates the whites when washing, and has a pantry so neat it puts mine to shame.  He will even clean my fridge if he think it is not up to standard when he visits, I guess these are the kind of qualities you want when you require a brain surgeon, his intended specialty, orderly, neat and fastidious,  but unfortunately he lives too far away to come and do my vacuuming each morning 🙂 . But he has offered to take me shopping for a new kind of cordless vacuum that is exceptionally light and should make it possible for me to at least keep the main wooden floor areas clean during the week, sweet boy!

The anatomy scan showed a perfect little boy who looks remarkably like his big brother Presley, same lips, same nose, same shape forehead. Unfortunately I forgot to take my cell phone with me to the scan so I wasn’t able to take any pictures, and as I am being dealt with at a high risk government funded hospital, care for which I do not have to pay a cent, the hospital staff are rather too busy to be printing me images from the scans.  But my baby is beautiful, taller than average, his bones look full of calcium and his fingers and toes are too cute.   The brain, heart, stomach, kidneys etc are all doing what they are supposed to at this stage. I think the doctors were quite shocked at how well he is growing given my age, I guess being a high risk unit sadly they must get to see a lot of babies that are not doing so well.  So in spite of the bad news about the placenta previa it was very good news about our new little man, who moves a lot for this early stage and has a very strong kick.

So, I will be very good and do everything the doctors tell me to do, I do not want to have to spend the last few months of this pregnancy under bedrest in hospital, or put my little one or myself in any unnecessary danger.  I do now have to have more scans, every four weeks from now till 32 weeks and then every week or two after that depending on how well things are going.  But it is now July and we are looking at an end of October C-section so there is not too long to wait really, and the specialists advise me that because the C-section will be planned and not emergency there will be an enormous difference in recovery time and in the overall experience.  I am hoping and praying that this is indeed the case!







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