Feeling that first baby kick…

With your first baby you think that every little twinge or gurgle of gas could be a baby movement that you are feeling, but with subsequent pregnancies you know exactly when you feel that very first kick.

Last night I had been sleeping on my back and awoke about 4 am with a stiff and sore neck I turned and snuggled up into the fetal position and very quickly felt a swift kick.  I had obviously squashed my little wee man or left him with too little space for the rollie pollies he seems so fond of when I have an ultrasound.  It was just a little kick because his legs are still so tiny, but it was a very definite message to his Mummy.

The rapid growth during this particular period of the early second trimester is simply breathtaking, to watch your bump growing almost daily is very special and to start to feel your baby movements makes those loving maternal feelings kick in as everything becomes more real.

But with all of the joy of the 2nd trimester you also do start to get a feel of what the 3rd trimester is going to be like.  With the uterus growing so quickly the muscles around your abdomen may begin to feel a little sore and if you move to quickly you may get a twinge of pain down one side of your tummy.  This is all entirely normal and nothing to worry about, growing a baby is perfectly natural but it is also hard work and aches and pains are par for the course.  The most crucial thing is to judge when you need to rest, and to only do what your body allows you, and most importantly enjoy every single moment of this miracle that is happening within you.

pregnant at 47!
Pregnancy Trimester Minions

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