Pregnancy Yoga & Pilates

I am so pleased to be in my second trimester because this means I can now safely complete pregnancy Yoga and Pilates routines.

I really do recommend Yoga and Pilates, not just for the physical benefits but also for mental well-being.  Spending time in the relaxing poses, and even the not so relaxing poses :), breathing, and tuning your mind into just you and your body is very soothing for the soul.

Joining a class is fantastic if you can, you get to meet other ladies in the same situation as yourself, you make new friends, chat and generally the health benefits happen without you even realizing you’ve done anything too strenuous.

But if you cant join a class, like me, working out at home is just as beneficial.  And guess what?  It’s free!!  If you have the internet on your computer, ipad or phone you can go to you tube and put either ‘pregnancy Yoga’ or ‘pregnancy Pilates’ into the search.  A lot of really good routines are available to you at no cost, and there are so many you will never get bored with doing the same routine over and over, although sometimes, sameness in pregnancy can be soothing, so if you have enough room in your living to lay down there is no reason for you to not take 20 minutes a day just for you!

If you have other younger children and you can not find any spare time on your own have them complete the routine with you.  Or if they are too young for that, a high chair in the same room as you are in with mashed banana should keep them entertained hopefully for long enough for you to get most of the routine completed :).

The strength you gain from this kind of exercise is very beneficial for you long term and for helping you to get through labor, but with all exercise programs you should ask your doctor or midwife if it is right for you before you start any new routines.  Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates is only recommended from second trimester onward!


Pregnant at 47!
Pregnancy Yoga & Pilates

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