14 weeks pregnant | 2nd trimester here we come!

Getting to this stage seems to have flown by, I certainly hope the rest of the pregnancy travels by as quickly!  My uterus  is definitely preferring to sit on the left side of my abdomen, which I have never experienced before, but from what I’ve read online this is perfectly normal.

I’ve put on one kg, which is 2.2 pounds.  This is probably about right, but I really want to stick to the recommended for this pregnancy as I expect it will be a lot harder for me to shift the weight after birth given my age.  But I do intend to breast feed for a year and that is always helpful for weight loss. At the moment I am 62kg/136pounds, I hope to not go over 70kg/154pounds but this may turn out to be entirely unachievable 🙂 .

For the first time I have really started to feel good about having this little baby.  I have been so focused on whether the doctors would let me keep the baby and whether or not it was the right thing to do that I haven’t been able to actually consider what a miracle has happened to me.  I have a perfect little baby growing inside me, how incredible is that!


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