High Risk Specialist

The high risk specialist appointment came with another ultrasound to check exactly where the placenta was sitting; anterior or posterior, and also to check my cervix length and the condition of my previous C-section scar.

I did not plan to have a C-section with my last birth, it was an emergency situation after a placental abruption and both my daughter and I were very lucky there was a skilled surgeon on hand to operate immediately.

Having one placental abruption puts you at more of a risk of having another one with subsequent births.  This places me in the high risk category and means I will have a C-section before there is any chance of my going into labor naturally.

The specialist was a lovely lady, kind, caring and not one ounce of brusqueness was evident, which you can sometimes find is a usual trait for people in these positions.

“Are you sure you want to do this? The last few months of pregnancy  are going to be achy and tiring like nothing you’ve experienced before.”  She was being honest, and I was grateful for it.  I don’t want sugar coating, I want to know the facts!  I had already gathered the pregnancy was not going to be a walk in the park, I just really wanted to know it was safe for me to do this.  I already have three beautiful children, I don’t want to take a chance of not being there for them.  She told me all pregnancies have an element of risk, mine would be more so due to my age and my previous history.  But they would be monitoring me much more often than they would be with a 20 some thing year old.  I will have more scans to check on placental position and baby’s development, more blood tests to check I am physically coping, and a skilled surgeon for the C-section trained specifically in high risk births.

I felt relieved to hear all of this.  I am going to be taken care of, and I am very grateful.

I guess I am very lucky to live in a country like New Zealand where all of this care and attention is free for me.  As a family we do have health insurance, just in case we needed expensive cancer medicine, or we needed to have an operation in a private hospital because the public hospital waiting list was too long.  But overall if you are sick in New Zealand you are well cared for, at no cost but the taxes we pay.

I am now 13 weeks pregnant, this means I am getting close to that time when miscarriage is no longer likely.  There are other things that can and do go wrong so I am taking it easy, resting when I feel tired, but I am also exercising every day and having a very healthy diet and taking all of the right vitamin’s for baby to grow well.

My kids came into bed with me this morning to eat their breakfast before heading off to school at 7:15am.  It was lovely cuddle time and I am so pleased they might have just started to forgive my being a little more tired than usual.

Happy Family!


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