Baby Love

Babies, kids, teenagers, I love them all!  I know it sounds cliché, and you can roll your eyes now if you want to, but the truth of the matter is there is nowhere I rather be than spending time with my kids.  I don’t much do coffee with girl friends, or nail salons, or girls nights out on the town.  That probably makes me a little anti-social and I know this to be confirmed by everything I watch on T.V which would pitch me as the outsider who doesn’t fit in with societal norms, but the greatest joy I have found in life has come from watching my kids grow and develop into these amazing individuals, who are as much different from me as they are alike me.

Many couples I know will be horrified that I am pregnant at a stage in life when they are considering holidays on their own because their kids are nearly full grown and they can now refocus their lives around each other.  And  I must admit before the “accident” spending my fifties doing exactly that had indeed been my plan, travel, study, art, fitness, these were all priorities I had placed on my bucket list for the next decade of my life.  Instead I will be toilet training and teaching my youngest child to read and math.

Whilst I am still coming to terms with all of this, I know that it is my ability to love without reservation that will make everything O.K.


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